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Thread: Clinton Portis or Jeff Garcia

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    Clinton Portis or Jeff Garcia

    Who do you think had a better performance overall this past week

    Portis with 5 tds and 200 yards

    Garcia with a combined 6 tds and i believe a combined 400 yards

    I would vote for portis,
    Facing KC thats just wow.. He has annhilated them lately and its really really shocking to see such a weak run defense


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    Definitely Portis. Garcia faced a weak Cardinal secondary and it is much easier for a QB to put up monster numbers like that compared to a RB. Portis' TD's weren't one yarders either, 2 of them over 50 and one over 30. That is simply awesome. Don't get me wrong, Garcia had a great game but unfortunately has to take a back seat to Portis this time.

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    I go with Garcia. Yes, AZ has a weak secondary (fourth worst), but KC has the third worst run defense in the league right now. In all actuality, it was pretty even. I give Garcia the edge because of coming off an injury and was out what, three weeks prior?

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    even though I am a 49ers fan, without a doubt, the vote goes to Portiss, despite the weak run defense of the Chiefs.

    The Niners play at home, where they play better than on the road
    And the Niners played the Cardinals --- anyone can play well against the Cardinals if they have a pulse.

    But the Broncos just ran down the throat the the Chiefs, to the point where the Chiefs knew Portiss was gonna run, and they still couldn't stop him

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    Clinton Portis and Jeff Garcia both had outstanding games but i say Portis also because anyone who is decent will rack up TD's against the Cards. There Awful

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    The argument of KC having a weak run defense is something that would have been exploited more then once if it was TRUElY known.. Denver, KC confernce game. I know GB racked up the yards with Ahman Green but other then that who else performed substantially over 100.. not like 103 or 107 yards in the game


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    Clinton Portis. 255 yards on the ground and 5 TD's is very impressive against anyone but he did it against one of the best teams in the NFL, the Kansas City Chiefs. Garcia had an honorable performance but that was against a very bad Cardinals team.

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    Garcia and the Niners play the Bengals this coming week - we'll see how he performs then

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