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Thread: 2 #'d Priest Holmes Cards FT

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    2 #'d Priest Holmes Cards FT

    Just picked these up to trade. I like baseball (especially Pirates) and will trade for just about anything. The 2 cards are 2001 Private Stock blue parallels #'d to 75 on the front of the card. I don't have the cards right next to me but I can give you the numbers to anyone interested. They are both the same card numbered differently out of 75! I believe they book at $18 each. LMK if anybody has any interest! I also have these two football McFarlane Variations:

    Favre White
    Faulk Retro Colts

    See ya

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    Bump! Anybody want it? Will trade for $20 in trade total for $36 book

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    Looking for some inserts from baseball. I really collect Pirates stuff but I am open to anything


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    will look for some cards (pirates)when i get home from work today

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