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    Over 100+ New Cards added **LETS TRADE**

    Just added over 100 cards to my Baseball Trade Page.. Football has been completed as well.. LMK if you need anything!!

    Thanks, Gary

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    I like this:

    1996 Chipper Jones UD SP Special F/X

    I am looking to see if I have anything from your wantlist.

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    I'm interested in these:
    2003 Bret Boone Bazooka Piece of Americana GU JERSEY
    2003 Vladimir Guerrero Elite Career Best GU-BAT #440/500
    2003 Dale Murphy Elite All-Time Career Best GU-BAT #263/400
    2000 Ron Cey Fleer GREATS OF THE GAME Autograph

    Check my site and LMK if you see anything.

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    Dark.. lmk what you find

    patrick.. i really like the dunn autograph.. let me know if we can work something out.. also can possibly use this:

    2002 Upper Deck Diamond Connection JASON GIAMBI History Makers #335 G/U Jersey #042/150

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    Hey. iam interested in these, please check my site.
    1987 Nolan Ryan Donruss (GEM MINT)
    2003 Austin Kearns Donruss STATLINE #13/13 (HR total in RC year)2003 Roger Clemens Donruss Timeless Treasures Past&Present Dual Jersey #9/100

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    kyle.. only card i saw was the mcgwire/williams

    lmk if we can work something out
    thanks, gary

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    The Mcgwire/Williams is in a possible trade at the moment, if it dosent work out ill let you know.

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    The only thing that I might have from your wantlist is Twins stuff. I don't have any of the Bowman Chrome that you wanted.

    So far, I found this:

    03 Fleer Focus Franchise Focus Torii Hunter

    I think I might also have a 99 Bowman Michael Restovich.

    I am still looking. If you'd like, take a look at my tradelist and see if anything catches your eye.

    and this one:

    LMK. Thanks.
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    Dark i can use these:
    98 Bowman Gold Jose Cruz Jr. 26/50 $12.00
    02 Leaf Certified Mirror Red Jim Edmonds JERSEY /150 $10.00
    03 Prestige Xtra Points Hideo Nomo 032/150

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    Do you have any other Chipper Jones cards besides the ones listed on your site?

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