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Thread: Looking for 04 Topps gold.

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    Looking for 04 Topps gold.

    Hey, Iam looking for essentialy all 2004 topps gold cards. Please lmk what you have. Depending on how many you have I will trade for other numbered cards. If you have 5+ I would be willing to trade GU.

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    I have 2 left:
    Juan Cruz
    Junior Spivery

    I'd prefer to sell them though. PM me if you might be interested in buying.

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    Hi do you have any of these 2004 Topps Program Covers 1932,1954,1996,2000. If so LMK i have afew 2004 Topps Gold for trade.

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    Edgeman, not really intersted in buying at the moment.
    Pep, I dont have any of those though I may be getting a box for x-mas so I will let you know then.

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