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    Looking for ALL ANDY MARTE cards!!

    Up and coming Braves prospect....I have zip-zero cards of him, so ANY will be of help!! Thanks! ~Justin

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    I have a 2003 Bowman Andy Marte #255 for you. Check my site (not fully completed yet, but it's a start) and let me know what you have!


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    I can trade you this for it:

    2001 Bowman Heritage Jake Peavy #176

    PLMK, thanks!

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    The BV you offer is not the same. And everybody is looking for Marte cards right now.
    I'm very sorry but have to say no.

    Have a GREAT holiday season anyway!


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    I have many other cards on your wantlist....I didnt check the BV...I will look for some more......

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    Hi Ichiro51,

    I'm very sorry but I could trade the Marte for a Vladimir Guerrero GU Bat card and I did accordingly. Don't want you to spend more time while the card is gone now. Good luck in your search!
    And thanks again for your offer!

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