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Thread: WANT: Andruw Jones

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    WANT: Andruw Jones


    I am interested to any game used or autographed Andruw Jones items. Andruw has had many, many different signature versions over the years. I hope to eventually get all versions. I am mostly interested in his early Minor League cert autos. Those go cheap on ebay, but I prefer to trade.

    Have plenty of autos to trade, or cards if you prefer unsigned stuff. Check my Trade History page on my site, I am nearing 100 successful trades.

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    Check my page...I have a few Andruw Autos...

    I would need CERTIFIED autos in return of equal BV..

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    ^ im intrested in one of those cbeth, if he dont trade for them.

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    Off your list, I see a few I would like....

    1998 SP Chirography Andruw Jones Auto BV $25

    2000 SP Buyback Andruw Jones Auto #d/541 BV $25

    2000 Fleer Autographics Kevin Millwood Auto BV $15

    2001 Fleer Autographics Gary Sheffield Auto BV $15

    2001 Topps Finest Rafael Furcal Auto BV $15

    2001 UD E-Volve Andruw Jones Auto #d/200

    I don't have many certs, let me know if you see any below you would like...

    Jeff Abbott 97 D Sig. Series (Red)
    Trey Beamon 97 D Sig. Series (Red)
    Giovanni Carrara 97 D Sig. Series (Red)
    Jacob Cruz 97 D Sig. Series (Red)
    Russ Davis 97 D Sig. Series (Red)
    Andrew DeClerq 95 Classics Rookies Auto.
    Erubiel Durazo 00 UD SP Authentic Chirography
    Jermaine Dye 00 F Autographics
    Jeff Fassero 97 D Sig. Series (Red) *Blue Sh.*
    Robert Fick 02 D Diamond Kings: Diamond Cut Col.
    George Foster 03 T Fan Favorites
    Toby Hall 00 F Autographics
    Jim Harbaugh 97 B Best (Cert.)
    Bob Horner 99 F (SI) GOTG (Cert.)
    Trenidad Hubbard 97 D Sig. Series (Red) *Blue Sh.*
    Gaylord Perry 02 T Finest Moments
    Dennis Reyes 97 D Sig. Series (Red)
    Frank Robinson 02 F GOTG (Auth. Auto)
    Scott Spiezio 97 D Sig. Series (Red)
    Jason Terry 99 Press Pass (Auth.)

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    Didn't see anything I could use on either of your lists...

    Would you guys be intersted in buying?

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    I could sell the Buyback andruw for $15 whenever you get the money..


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    Possibly..I was planning on putting that in my PC....

    So you don't want the buyback at all?

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    I may, but not for 15, seem them go for cheaper, plus I am trying to get all of Andruw's different sigs and if it's the same buyback I'm thinking of, its a sig I have. Thanks,

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