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Thread: Looking for Refractors.

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    Looking for Refractors.

    I am looking for Refractors (any of them, but prefer star players)
    I am also looking for Duncan Serial #'ed cards and cards in my sigs.
    Also, always looking for high end Kobes...
    LMK. Thanks

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    i've got a topps chrome refractor turholu and some kobe #/??? plmk thanks

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    kobe i have queit a few refractors from all,finest,and bowman you have a want list on what you need or anything and i would only be willing to trade them as a lot.There will be stars and semi stars as well with commons....let me know if your intrested

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    stalking_WOLF_21- brand? year?
    andrade- sent you a PM

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    i have a 2000/01 topps chrome magic johnson commemorative series refractor bv20. lmk if you need it

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    I have a chrome white border refractor of ben wallace #/199. LMK if you want it.

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    I would definitely need it.
    Check my site and see waht you need.
    And one more quest. Isn't it #'ed to 249?
    LMK. Thanks

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    I have 01-02 Topps chrome refractor #95 of Jordan.
    also have a reprint of Kobe EX2000 rc.
    lmk if intersted

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    02/03 hidayet turkoglu topps chrome refractor
    02/03 fleer premium kobe bryant skylines #/2500 plmk

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    oops. Yeah, it's #/249. I'll check your site in a little bit.

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