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    Signature Banner Rule Size! FYI

    This is the final word on the banner size now the merger is complete.

    Reg members banner sizes= 300x100 file size no larger than 45kb
    Premium Members and Staff banners= 500x100 no larger than 75kb

    Please note: The staff will be checking, if asked please conform to the rules. If you need a new banner after the move well you've come to the right place.

    Thanks for your understanding if your still unsure please feel free to pm a staff member!

    Thank You
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    This is now the set rule for banners....... Please take heed if you banner is outdated request a new one. But please remove any unconforming banners as this WILL result in an infraction. Take a moment to read the updated site rules!!!!

    Thank You

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    Bumping this due to influx of new members here.

    Again if you don't know please ask! Need a banner request one in the forums.

    Thanks for your Cooperation
    The Staff

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