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    Looking To Trade! Have tons of Rookies, Inserts and #ed..

    I am looking to trade all of my Base Cards, Rookies, Inserts and Serial Numbered stuff for Any and All Game Used you would not mind trading away for that type of stuff..

    I will trade in your favor and everything.. Depending on the players and the book values of the game used.. Here is the trade values I usually trade around this range.. If you have a 15.00 game used of kevin garnett then since hes a star I would give you 30.00 in rookies, inserts and #ed stuff..

    I dont plan on people wanting to trade there good game used but maybe like lower end ones and stuff you would not mind parting with or trading them for rookies and stuff like that..

    Please let me know what you would like to trade and what players or sets or brands your looking to complete sets in or need cards in to complete sets and I will get a reply back to you asap because I really need the game used for an upcoming show they sell real well even the cheaper ones..

    Thanks For your time and I hope to hear back from some of you shortly so we can start to work something out..

    Justin D.

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    have any tayshaun prince brendan haywood kevin garnett plmk

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    lmk what laker cards you have check my sig for stuff i really need thanks

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    what do you have of paul pierce, kevin garnett, amare stoudemire, and kirk heinrick. lmk thanks

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