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Thread: Lou Brock auto's FT

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    Lou Brock auto's FT

    I picked up a new Brock auto in a trade, so I have a couple I can take out of my pc. LMK if you need either of these, I'm looking for 97 and 98 Significant Sig auto's to add to my collection. Thanks, "Nail"

    2003 Donruss Sig. "Legends/Summer" century Lou Brock auto #d 58/100-($40)

    2000 UD Legendary Signatures Lou Brock auto---($25)

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    Is the 97 Brooks a Significant Signature auto? If so, I could trade the century auto----LMK, Thanks, "Nail"

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    i would do that i would also like to know i have the legends of summer brock regular auto edtion would you trade your ud lou for my regular legends brock auto lmk

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