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    if you live near or around the city of chicago or a die-hard baseball fan in thee state of illinois, you know what i am talking about. these sold out in just a couple hours!

    i just received my passes for the 19th annual cubs convention IN HAND....each pass sells for around 175.00+ on ebay and i have 1 up for trade. remember that the pass alone sells for 175.00 so i DO NOT want a card that only books 175.00.

    if you are in the illinois/indiana area, we can personally exchange the pass/cards in this deal in january. cubs convention takes place from jan 16-18.

    for those that aree not familiar with this, it's an opportunity to meet past and current CUBS players, announcers, eetc. in the past 2 years players such as ernie banks, sammy sosa, mark prior, kerry wood, hee seop choi, and corey patterson have signed.....and it is reportedly said that ivan rodriguez is interested in signing with the cubs and if signs in december, it is a possiblity i-rod could be at the convention as well.

    remember this pass gets you in from friday through sunday and the autographs will be free !!!! in addition to that there will be sports memoribilia, autograph sessions, batting/pitching clinics, and even batting/pitching cages. The pass is where it can be worn around the neck (worn at all times)and on the pass it says "official pass" with the words "National League Central Division Campions."

    thanks and lmk if interested.

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