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Thread: Prince Fielder for Trade

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    Prince Fielder for Trade

    Have a 2002 UD Minor Prince Fielder #41

    This card is nice and seems to keep rising in value as Prince's popularity keeps growing. For those who haven't heard of him, he is a 19 years old phenom first baseman in the Brewers organization. He is the son of Cecil Fielder. This card currently books for $8 in beckett.

    Im really trying to find a Rafael Furcal autograph. I've seen them at $5-$10 and really want one badly. Also, looking for a low end Roy Oswalt autograph. If you are interested in this card let me know.

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    I'm interested but may not have any of your needs. Please check my list. I also have alot of CC.

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    really didn't see anything on your site that i could use. thanks anyways

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