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    Anyone have a Rondell White or Fernando Vina GU?

    I know White has some, I'd prefer the 04 Topps All Star Stitches. Vina I'm not so sure of. PLMK if you have one. Thanks!:disco:

    Whoever has one of these, I will do almost whatever it takes to get them (Not really anything, but I'll try hard to get them)

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    Rondell White
    2001 fleer autographics 193/250 (auto) (BV 15)
    2001 fleer platinum national patch time g/u jersey (grey) BV 10

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    I only need the Jersey, please check out my site, I did dump off some of the yankees though.

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    Bumping this up to the top.... Anyone else have one?

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    Tigers, I have a vina parallel from something Numbered to like 55 I think. lmk if intrested in it and I will dig it up

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    I'm interested in it, dig it up and if you could, get me specifics.

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    the Vina is a 2000 Pacific Omega premiere date parallel #ed 22/77. bv is $.30 x 30 so $9. I will sell for $2 and a SASe

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    Ok, I'll take it for that much, anyone else have some Vina or White GU now, other than a low numbered white card?

    PM me with your addy.

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    i have a rondell white auto on my site, do y ou have anything on my wantlist?

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    Right now, all I want is Gu of those two, sorry.

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