tis' a week before christmas and i was cleaning out a closet
when behold!!!
i found a monster [3500] box of 1992 donruss baseball cards..
Oh boy, double everywhere i looked..
I said to myself " self " ...
maybe your trading buddy at sportscard forum would need or trade something for some of these...
football or baseball cards of a different year and brand, OF COURSE

1992 DONRUUSS baseball cards is what i am trading..

so here i am..asking if anyone is interested in one or many cards of this sets.
if you are ..please let me know what number of card you need or want .
i will be sorting these for awhile by number,[oh boy]
please let me know if you can help me by trading something for one or more than one..
beside the list below i will take cards sleeves[2 5/8x3 5/8] in trade also.
here is a list of names;
baseball player
pujols, clemente,piazza , contreras, sosa, bond ,dunn. soriano.prior...
washington senators ,texas ranger, new york red sox,
minnesota twins.. etc.etc
football player.....
t.brady,m. vick,, c .pennington
eric crouch, M. harrison etc..etc
football team; [ANY]