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Thread: Hank Blalock GU FT

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    Hank Blalock GU FT

    The card is a 2003 Topps Traded Future Phenoms Hank Blalock GU Bat card. Looking for current Indians GU/AU in return. LMK!


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    I don't have any current Indians but could you take a look at my site anyway?

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    Hey Matt - Nothing there that caught my eye - Thanks anyways!


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    Please check my web site and see if anything catches your eye

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    vlad, lmk if you need anything from my site..Thanks


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    coqxxx4 - I'd love to trade the Blalock for this:

    03 SPx Brandon Phillips (Jersey/Auto) 0190/1295 BV $15

    BV's are the same - I'd LOVE to get this card, being an Indians fan :)

    boneyard - If I can't work anything out with coqxxx4, I'll check your site and let you know!


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    Vlad - Would love to trade it to you but not for the Blalock would look to get another Auto in trade but we can work something out if you want it.

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    the only auto I have right now is a 03 Topps All Time Fan Favorites Len Dykstra Auto BV $15. What do you think about this trade:

    I get:
    Brandon Phillips Auto/Jsy
    Bowman Heritage Enos Slaughter GU Seat

    You get:
    Dykstra Auto
    Blalock Bat



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