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    MJ gatorade redemption set upper deck. worth?

    how much is a 98 upper deck gatorade redemption michael jordan set worth. tjere are twelve cards in the set.

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    That's not something you can really look up in a Beckett unless someone has one of those huge oddball sports guides. Take a look on eBay and see if you can find any that are for sale now or have sold in the past to get a good idea on the value. If I had to guess, I'd say about $1 a card... $15 set maybe.

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    i know that it is worth more than that because i saw the same set at a card store and it was selling for 120 so i am just curios what the true value is.

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    Just because a guy is selling something in a card store for a certain amount, it doesn't make the card worth that amount. If it was really worth that amount, it probably wouldn't be there anymore.

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    If you look on ebay there is a set with an 8.00 starting bid and a 23.00 buy it now with 2 days left and nobody has bid.

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    Card stores love to sell items that aren't everyday seen as RARE and expensive. There were 2 that were sold on eBay in the last month for under $5 each and 1 that never got bid on that opened at $15.

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