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Thread: Looking for Rookies

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    Looking for Rookies

    I'm looking for rookies that I don't have of people like Gwynn, Mattingly, Pujols, Bonds, Maddux, Sosa, Sheffield, Griffey Jr., Helton, Garciaparra, A-Rod, etc. Also any soriano rookies.

    LMK what you have, check my site for cards I have for trade, thanks.

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    i have some griffey rcs and plenty of arod rcs including 1994 ud cc gold sigs, 2 of them...lmk,

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    I have rookies of all of your wants...these include...
    1994 Flair Arod RC
    1983 Donruss Gwynn RC
    1986 Topps Traded Bonds XRC! Graded BGS 9
    1990 Donruss Sosa RC
    1987 Topps Bonds RC
    1987 Topps Traded Maddux RC
    1989 UD Sheff RC (incoming)

    I'd be looking only for similar rookies in return, especially graded RCs. lemme know what you might have to trade!


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