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Thread: 2003 Playoff Prestige RC's

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    Thumbs up Brand New 2003 Playoff Prestige RC's

    I have a few Playoff Prestige RC's from the just released set:

    Andre Johnson (Texans RC) #181
    Onterrio Smith (Vikings RC) #168
    Byron Leftwich (Jaguars RC) #151
    Anquan Bolin (Cardinls RC) #191

    Please let me know what you need and see my wantlist in my sig.

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    Need the Leftwich!....have a couple Henson, Sweeney, and many Brady and Griese cards. Check my site to see if you need anything!

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    I am interested in the Boldin. I don't have much but I do have a David Terrell MVP RC and 2 Anthony Thomas MVP RC.
    Let me know

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    I am interested in the onterrio smith.
    I have plenty terrells, some bradys and some grieses

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    I have a ton of Doug Weight. I would trade double book of my hockey for the Onterrio Smith Johnson or Leftwich. I have some stuff that is not on my web page also. Let me know if you see anything on my web page that interests you.

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    Playoff Prestige RC's
    Anquan Bolin (Cardinls RC) #191
    Coles, Laveranues 2002 Ultra League Leaders Jersey (white)

    Check my site below for possible trade


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