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    Looking for 04 Prime cuts base.

    Hey, I have decided I am going to try for this set. I am looking for all base cards. Also if anyone has any empty boxes of this product (in good condition) I will trade 10bv each for them.

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    Base cards:
    F. Thomas
    M. Grace
    Ripken Jr

    I would rather sell these for money as packs cost $175. each.
    LMK. Thanks, John

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    Dont really have any cash right now. If you would be willing to trade please check my site...

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    how much BV are you giving for the base cards? I have the pedro martinez dodgers version, but I'm not sure how much BV I'd want on it. After all, these packs were $150 each, so I don't know what's fair for a base card.

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