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Thread: Cards for Trade

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    Cards for Trade

    I have a few cards that I've been holding onto too long and would like to trade them. I have the following to trade:

    00-01 UD Encore NBA Warm-ups Keyon Dooling KD-W (not in greatest condition, willing to let go for little)
    02-03 Fleer Platinum FF-Kareem Rush (purple)
    02-03 UD Genertaions Reel Time Jersey Elton Brand
    02-03 UD Generations Reel Time Jersey Jerry Stackhouse JS-A
    02-03 UD Generations All-Time Authentics John Stockton JS-J
    02-03 UD Rookie Portfolio Predarg Savovic RP-PS

    All the cards are in good condition and the Rush is in a screwdown due to its size.

    I also have some more stuff to trade on my site (, except for the Francis stuff. I collect Francis, Ming and Bostjan Nachbar, but am open to anything. Let me know, e-mail at Thanks.


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    02-03 UD Genertaions Reel Time Jersey Elton Brand i like this
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    and do you have any tayshaun prince brendan haywood or kg

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