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Thread: BCCG and BGS

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    BCCG and BGS

    When i search BGS rookies on ebay BCCG always comes up. Is it the same as BGS? Is it better than BGS? People with info PLMK. Thanks,


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    It is way worse then BGS. Beckett decided they wanted to make more money and started this. It's basically on a 1-10 scale with no half grades i think (i.e. 8.5 or 7.5), just whole grades. The grading is also not as strict so it is easier to get 10's.

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    Have you ever seen a BCCG card that was not graded a 10? I think they just rubber stamp them all 10's, and collect the grading fees. I don't care for Beckett grading anyway, but this is more or less a joke, as far as quality grading goes.

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