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Thread: 2 G-U for Auto

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    2 G-U for Auto

    I am wanting to trade for auto bv $20-$25 range of Hank Blalock, Adam Dunn or Austin Kearns
    I will trade these 2 g-u for it if interested:
    03 Donruss Diamond Kings Diamond Cuts Jsy A-rod #DC-%$ serial #198/500 bv $20
    03 Playoff Absolute Memorabillia Jsy serial #72/75 I-rod bv $25

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    You wouldn't trade those 2 for my Sweet Spot Glaus auto would you? It books for $50.
    LMK. Thanks.

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    molina00: i'm interested in that glaus sweets pot (2001?). what do you want for it. pm me with a possible offer.

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    molina- I sent a pm to you. Thanks and there is a bonus in it also.

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    pujolsmussina-the Glaus has now been traded.
    I still have an '03 Timeless Treasures Alan Trammell auto/jersey and '03 SP Authentic Chirography #'rd to 25 Whitey Ford.
    If you'r interested in either drop me a pm.

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    alright, thanks for the update. i wanted the glaus because that year is my favorite (2001)...the other years of sweet spot sigs i detest for some reason or another.

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