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Thread: 2001 FLEER FUTURES

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    i opened 5 boxes of 2001 FLEER FUTURES got all most of the inserts will trade for cincinnati bengals or cincinnati reds

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    I'd be interested in trading for the Futures Pujols/Teixeira Rookies, and did you get any autos?

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    sorry no auto's a list of the cards but it by the numders of the cards . do u know the number of the cards you want ?

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    small world ........i just got on this site .got it last nite form your beckett site and now you looking at my cards lol.........thanks bill

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    what would you trade for the pujols/teixeira/ichiro....

    lmk how many of each you got if any.

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    i need to know the numbers of the cards ............pujols/teixeira/ichiro

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    224,226,230 respectively.

    lmk wha you got and whatt you want from my s ite.

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    LOL, what do you mean respectively?? I also need the Ichiro, plmk, thanks!

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    ummm....dazed and confuseed huh?

    pujols/tex/ichiro: 224/226/230 RESPECTIVELY....does that clear up your confusion ichiro51?

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    sorry i dont have none . i know i opened 5 boxes of them got like 1800 cards plus some inserts, BATS TO THE FUTURE,CHARACTERISTICS ,HOT COMMODITIES , BLACK GOLD ,had 2 g.u. but traded them and did not get one of 221 to 230 ? mine stop at 220 . but i see in the book they go to 230 . guess they are short print ?

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