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    Looking to Do Some Trading And Some Buying With CC.

    Ok, please check out my site, I'm working on editing right now since it's got to be updated. There isnt much left, but I may start adding more stuff today. Please post here, PM me, but dont email me for trade proposals. The Alomar is one that's pending.

    I'll start putting down lists of the cards right now, please constantly check back since I'm updating.

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    One other thing I wanted to mention is that I am really looking for autos, and I may buy one or two at the best offer, maybe around $3. I really need some help with trading, also if anyone's trading on the cheap, I'm interested.

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    i see you had at least one tomlinson i might have been interested in

    I have some cheaper auto's in baseball

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    Are you looking on my actual site? The ads I have on the homepage dont take you to my tradelist, but at the top where it says tradelist is where my tradelist.

    I dont think I have any tomlinsons.

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    I do have a $10 moss insert listed on my site, do you need it?

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