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Thread: need these bowman chrome rc's

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    need these bowman chrome rc's

    hey everyone, i need bowman chrome and topps chrome rc's of these players. refractors also. lmk if you have them and what you want in trade. also i will consider buying if the price is right so please leave the bv also. thanks:

    kirk hinrich
    steve blake
    zach randolph
    jamal crawford
    mike dunleavy
    casey jacobsen

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    I have a Dunleavy Chrome Rookie and a Bowman Steve Black Rookie. Looking for KG, Mike Miller, Brandon Armstong, Adrian Griffin, Fred Jones, Jason Kapono and Ndudi Ebi.

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    hey hooperstar, do you know the bv of these cards? lmk, and ill see what i have to trade, thanks.

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