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Thread: WTTF Brett Myers

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    WTTF Brett Myers

    Let me know what you have, I will have my tradelist up shortly.

  2. SCC Black Friday 2017
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    I have a 04 Donruss Career Statline Brett Myers /177. Looking for Cleveland Indians #D cards in return.


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    I have a Brett Myers Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Scouting Report Fabric of Future FOF-CC. LMK what you have to trade.


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    I have a 03 pristine auto of Myers, I am looking for a nice bowman chrome rc of a hitter in return lmk thanks

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    Vladfan.....I will let you know later on what indians #ed i have.
    Moutinjew69.....What is the year of the card?
    crazylox....sorry but i dont have any decent bowman chrome rcs, thanks for the offer though!
    coqxxx4.....I didnt have anything you needed in your wantlist.
    dbacks1.....also, could i have the make of the card and exactly what it is?


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    I got your PM. the cards year is 2003, and i only trade gu for gu or autos. LMK what you have.


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