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Thread: Need 2003 Finest AUTOS!

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    Need 2003 Finest AUTOS!

    lemme know what you have! right now the only one I have is the Andy Marte!


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    If you decide to trade that Marte, I'd be very very interested. If not, I do have a 03 Finest Brian Burgamy Auto. PLMK.

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    i have already had some pretty amazing offers on the Marte that I have had to turn down. The fact that the card is selling over BV (with 3 days still remaining) on ebay makes me wanna keep it. I do need the Burgamy though, lemme know what type of stuff you would be looking for in return!


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    I seem to remember you having a few nice autos, particularly of Will Clark and Magglio Ordonez.

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    I have a 2003 Finest Daryl Clark AU $15.
    I am looking for cards on my wantlist:

    Or other autos that interest me in the $15-20 range.

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    AC...traded both of those autos away for a 1986 Topps Traded Bonds RC, Graded BGS 9

    lemme know if you might be needing anything else...


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