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Thread: thse rc for cc

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    thse rc for cc

    90/91 Fleer Shawn Kemp RC
    -90/91 Hoops Gary Payton RC(gone)
    -91/92 UD Larry Johnson RC
    -92/93 UD Shaquile O'neal RC 1b(gone)
    -94/95 UD Jason KIDD RC
    -94/95 UD Grant Hill RC
    -94/95 UD Eddie Jones RC
    -94/95 Nba Hoops Grant Hill RC
    -94/95 Nba hoops Jason Kidd RC
    -94/95 Flair Jason Kidd RC
    -94/95 Skybox Premium Jason KIdd RC
    -94/95 Topps Stadium CLub Jason Kidd RC
    -94/95 Ultra Jason Kidd RC
    -95/96 UD kevin garnett(gone)
    -95/96 Hoops Jerry Stackhouse
    -95/96 Hoops Antonio Mcdyess
    -95/96 Hoops Damon SToudamire
    -95/96 Hoops Joe Smith
    -96/97 Topps Allen Iverson(gone)
    -96/97 Fleer Allen Iverson(gone)
    -96-97 Ultra Marcus Camby Gold medallion
    -96/97 UD collector choice Allen Iverson(gone)
    -96/97 UD Jermaine O'neal RC
    -96/97 UD Antoine Walker RC
    -96/97 NBA hoops ALlen Iverson RC(gone)
    -97/98 Skybox premium Tim Duncan RC(gone)
    -97/98 Z-Force Tim duncan RC(gone)
    -97/98 Hoops Tim Duncan(gone)
    -97/98 UD Tim Duncan(gone)
    -97/98 UD Tracy Mcgrady
    -97/98 UD rookie dicscovery TIM DUNCAN
    -00/01UD Ovation Mike Miller RC
    -00/01 UD ovation Chris Hihm RC
    -00/01 Finest Keyoon DOoling RC
    -02/03 SPX Tamar Slay RC
    -02/03 SPX Vincent Yarbrought RC
    -02/03 UD authentics Steve Loggan RC
    -UD Ovation 02-03 RC jay williams #/1999

  2. Kronozio
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    I'm interested in these:

    -97/98 Skybox premium Tim Duncan RC
    -97/98 Z-Force Tim duncan RC
    -97/98 Hoops Tim Duncan
    -97/98 UD Tim Duncan

    LMK how much CC you want for them.

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    those duncan are are pending coz another guy already asked for i will let u know if that guy dont want it k

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    how much for this:
    97/98 UD Tracy Mcgrady

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    80 cc shipped..pls let me know
    coz i need to pay for the shipping from new zealand

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    my bad.....65 cc for that mcgrady pls let me know

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    I am interested in the following

    96/97 UD Jermaine O'neal RC
    97/98 UD Tracy Mcgrady

    Let me know how much cc you would need for either, or two together

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