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    Looking for these Tim Couch cards!

    I am looking for these Tim Couch cards:

    Any Tim Couch GU Helmet Card
    Any Tim Couch Game Worn Hat Card
    Any Tim Couch Auto's i don't already have
    Most Nice Tim Couch Patch Cards
    Tim Couch #'d Jersey cards
    Any Tim Couch card serial Numberd his Jersey # (#2) 002/XXX
    Any Tim Couch Redemption cards



    E. James/M. Harrison/P. Manning 2001 UD Tri-Stars Triple Gameball w/Black Writing-Laceholes & Silver Paint #3S-IC (Very Unique) Bv $40.00 "I want $80.00 in trade because it's very unique) 1 of 1

    Julius Peppers* 2002 Bowmans Best Gold #102 Ball(2Clr)-Patch(Light Blue)-Jersey(Black) #'d 89/99

    Tim Couch 2002 Playoff "Piece of the Game" #POG-53 (White Swatch) Bv $15.00

    Deshaun Foster 2002 Press Pass Jersey #JC/DF #'d 154/225

    Kevin Johnson 2000 Fleer "Feel the Game" GOLD #'d 41/50

    David Boston 2001 Playoff Preferred "Preferred Materials" Jersey #50 #'d 569/600 (Red Swatch)

    Warren Moon 2001 Playoff Preferred "Preferred Materials" Jersey #3 #'d 81/100 (Light Blue Swatch) "Oilers" Has a dent on the top right corner!

    Julius Peppers/Deshaun Foster 2002 Playoff Honors "Rookie Tandems" Double Gameball #RT-7 (w/writing on peppers ball piece)

    Brian Griese 2001 Fleer Showcase Patchworks Jersey (Dark Blue Swatch)

    R. Jay Soward 2000 UD Encore "Rookie Helmet" (Black Helmet Piece) #H-RJ

    Quadry Ismail/Patrick Johnson/Brandon Stokley 2001 Pacific Impressions Triple Threads #4 (All 3 have purple swatches)

    Julius Peppers/Deshaun Foster 2002 Playoff Honors "Rookie Tandems" Double Gameball #RT-7 (w/Holes in both ball pieces)

    Curtis Keaton 2001 UD Ovation Training Gear #T-CK (White Swatch)

    Terry Kirby 2000 Fleer Genuine Coverage Jersey (White Swatch)

    Kevin Johnson 2001 Fleer Ultra "Sundays Best" Jersey NNO (White Swatch)

    Kevin Johnson 2001 Pacific Private Stock Jersey #38 (Brown Swatch)

    Freddie Mitchell 2001 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia "Rookie Premiere Materials" #169
    Jersey(Green)+Ball(2Clr-L from NFL) #'d 184/850 (Jersey number is 84!)

    Terrell Owens 2002 Topps Pristine "Pristine Portions" Jersey #PPR-TO (White Swatch)

    Donovan McNabb 2001 Pacific Titanium "POST SEASON" PATCH #76 #'d 80/109 (2 Color 50% Black - 50% White w/Stitching From the Jersey Number) (Very hard to get from me!)

    Edgerrin James 2001 Pacific Titanium "Post Season" PATCH #48 #'d 38/213 2 COLOR 40% Blue - 60% White Raised Number Patch w/Stitching) (Very hard to get from me!)


    Kahlil Hill 2002 UD Sweet Spot Auto Rc Ball Swatch #157 #'d 334/550 (Falcons WR)

    Chad Johnson 2001 Pacific Dynagon Rc Auto #118 #'d 92/499 (Very hard to get from me!)

    Wayne Chrebet 2001 Fleer Authority Auto

    Alex Bannister 2001 Pacific Auto/Rc #451 #'d 1549/1750

    Jim Hart 1999 UD SP Signature Auto #HT

    Zack Crockett 1999 UD SP Signature Auto #ZC

    Kevin Johnson 2000 Donruss Signature Series Auto

    Giovanni Carmazzi 2000 Donruss Signature Series Red Rookie Auto

    Adrian Murrell 1997 Leaf Auto 8x10 "Jets" (Certified from leaf)

    Leeland McElroy 1997 Leaf Auto 8x10 "Cardinals" (Certified from leaf)


    Fred McGRIFF (MLB) 2001 Topps Traded GU Bat Card #TTR-FM Bv $15.00

    Reggie Taylor 1999 Just Minors Auto "Phillies"

    Jerry Stackhouse (NBA) 2002 UD Game Floor #JS-F "Blue Painted Floor Piece with Pistons engraved"

    Elden Campbell 2000 Fleer Autographics Auto

    Jan Caloun (Hockey) 1992 Classic Auto #'d 992/1975

    I have more Rookies, Inserts & Low #'d cards on my Site so check it out!

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    That's too bad Dwain. It seems as though no one has any Tim Couch cards. I had a couple, but I traded them a while back. I am interested in the Terry Kirby Jersey you have. You only collect Tim Couch cards? Anyone else at all?lmk or PM me.

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    RaiderNation8180, I cant find many good cards of Couch unless i go to ebay (lol)

    I like these cards of yours:

    2001 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Marvin Harrison Ground Hoggs Game-Worn Shoe #'D 26/125

    2002 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Josh Reed RPM RC Jersey (Blue)/Ball #'D 562/825

    2002 SPx Jeff Garcia Winning Materials (Red) Gold #'D 165/250

    The Kirby books at $20.00 & I also have these Raiders if you are interested in any!

    Tim Brown 1997 UD Star Attractions #SA5
    Tyrone Wheatley 1995 Pinnacle SportFlics Rc #126
    Jerry Rice 1997 Donruss Preferred card tin! (Bent on bottom)
    Jerry Porter 2000 Aurora Rc #104
    Jerry Porter 2000 Fleer Tradition "Rookie Retro" #6RR
    Napoleon Kaufman 2001 Quantum Leaf "Infinity Purple" #135 S/N 5/50
    Charlie Garner 1996 UD Team Trio #TT12
    Tyrone Wheatly 29 card lot (A lot of Rookies)
    Napoleon Kaufman 22 card lot (A lot of Rookies)

    lmk and we will work out a trade!

    Thanks, Dwain Weeks

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    I'll give you the SPx Garcia for the Kirby. That's an even $20 trade. As for the other Raiders cards...I already have all those (except for the tin). If this is cool with you, PM me with your address and I'll get the Garcia out to you ASAP.

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    I got your PM and thanks for the trade.

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    I may have a Couch donruss card lying around here some where :P if your interested PM me.

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    You guys are making me get high tech here;)

    I thought the insurance Co. was bad.Thanks for making me appreciate the hobby again(lost interest in late 80's)

    These 2 commons:

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    meuandthelot, I can use the Mystique Rc Bv $25.00

    Check my site and lmk if i have anything from my rookies and inserts list that you like.

    Thanks, Dwain Weeks

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    I'm lookn', reorginizing my collection(aquired 2buyouts) and want to be fair to you!!

    How hard was that site to create?

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    The Freewebs site is the best free site i have found to use! Also Freewebs has no popup ads and i like that a lot. You can choose from different backgrounds for your site and i would say it is really worth a try! You can upload i think 25 images and if you need any help i will help you set it all up! Setting it up is pretty much (WYSIWYG) What you see is what you get!

    If you decide to try it - lmk if you have any problems, you can bookmark my site and my email addy is on my site!

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