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Thread: Cards for trade

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    Cards for trade

    I am new here. And I want to trade. Please check out my tradepage and lmk if you see anything you want. I also have most of 03 Bowman Draft RCs and alot of the Bowman Chrome Draft RCs. If you are a player collector just ask for a list of cards because I have a ton of cards from 99-03. I am sure I can find whoever you collect.

    Happy trading

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    I like this:
    Chipper Jones
    03 Playoff Prestige Inside the Numbers #'d/2002

    Check out my tradelist here:

    LMK if you see anything.

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    I collect Brett Myers, do you have any of him?

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    Hi, welcome to the site! If you have any questions PM me or ask one of the mods.

    I am interested in:
    03 Topps Pristine Rich Harden AU $25
    03 Topps Pristine Ryan Church AU $10
    03 Topps Pristine Felix Sanchez AU $10
    03 Topps Pristine Fernando Vina AU $15

    Espically the Vina and the harden.

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    DarkAngel-I would trade for your Hideo Nomo XTRA POINTS card

    Myers-I have a couple RCs, Bowmans Best and Stadium Club. But they are being kept in my personal collection. I can get you a list of base cards if you want.

    I also pulled a Brett Myers 03 Bowman Draft JSY card. I don't know what it is worth though. I collect good rookie cards.


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    Ok...a list of base cards would be good, thanks!

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    Right now, that card is on hold and I had someone else who was interested as well. Was there anything else? LMK. Thanks.

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    this is incorrect forum for fb but like these
    91 Stadium Club Brett Favre RC $50
    03 Bowmans Best Terrell Suggs RC JSY $10

    got any l.tomlinsons?

    are you going to be posting in fb forum if so we'll discuss it there when you post

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    tigersfan-I am looking for similar bv autos. LMK if you have any.

    myers-I will dig thru my boxes and post a list asap

    DarkAngel-Did not see anything else. LMK if you have any rcs not on your list.

    ICED CARDS-I will post a thread in football asap


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