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Thread: I am new here!!!

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    I am new here!!!

    Hi iam from germany and i collect basketballcards since 3 months!
    I mainly search UD Patches and good Autographs!!!

    Here is my little Tradelist:
    02-03 Upper Deck series 2 buyback jerome Moiso/11:D
    98-99 Black Diamond UD Authentics AU Raef LaFrentz:p
    00-01 ultimate Collection AU RC Ridney White(incoming)
    01-02 upper Deck Game Jersey Autograph Marcus fizer(incoming)
    01-02 Fleer names of the game Jersey Jason Kidd
    02-03 Upper deck generations All Time authentics jersey kevin McHale
    03-04 Bowman Chrome refractor/300 Andre Miller!!!

    If you want something please let me know!

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    Welcome to the site.
    Germany, wow. That's awsome.
    I don't know that we have anyone from Germany yet.
    I don't collect BKB but just wanted to welcome you to the site.

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    THX but i am in the wrong forum:D

    because i collect basketball

    But THX for the nice greeting

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    welcome to our forum

    please post all the buy/sell/trade in the TRADING FORUM

    I am moving this over to there - you'll get more people looking at your trade list over there


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