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    2004 Donruss Diamond Kings Lance Berkman (not #ed)

    2004 Donruss Timber and Threads Lance Berkamn Bat Card

    2004 Donruss Jeff Bagwell
    2004 Donruss Jeff Kent

    lmk what u want :)

    Im looking for Chipper Jones/ Andruw Jones/ Rafeal Furcal

    or money .. if money make offer thanx

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    I'm interested in them, but if possible, can you give me a day or two and see what I can find of those guys and also did you get the cc for that auction? Also, did you get my addy?

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    tigersfan... what was the auction lol... i dont think i got the cc... or i would have sent the auction already :)... sorry :(

    thanx for looking... id really prefer money cash/paypal... but lmk what u got of those guys thanx

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    I thought I did send it, I've been so behind lately. It was for that 2 BV 12 cards, like David Terrell or someone like that.

    There's the auction. I'm pretty sure that I transfered the cc, but I'm not sure.
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