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    Pro Bowl

    I agree with most of the picks for the Pro Bowl, Favre should not have gone over Matt Hasselbeck.

    One thing i cant understand at all is how Ed Reed can possibley make it over Rodney Harrison.

    Reed may have a few more INT's, but Harrison has 44 more tackles, and when Rodney Harrison hits someone it takes them a long while to get back up.

    Let me know your thoughts on the pro bowl selections.

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    the only problems I have with the NFL PRO BOWL picks:

    Jeremy Shockey -- he had sub-par year, didn't do anything for a team that was eliminated from the playoffs a while ago.

    No way should he go, when he had a bad year on a bad team

    Larry Allen -- this guy missed 8 games! He got in b/c he's a Hall of Fame bound offensive lineman.

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    you guys know my thoughts on it we have several more should have made it rodney harrison..............but what do we know we are go pats..
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