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Thread: 5 pack Bowman R&S bust

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    5 pack Bowman R&S bust

    Today I went to the nearest Meijer to my town and decided to get a few(5) packs of Bowman Rookies and Stars. I think I did pretty good.
    The notable pulls:

    Marcus Banks Bowman Gold

    Malick Badiane Bowman Rookie(who?)

    Travis Outlaw Bowman Rookie

    Steve Blake Bowman Rookie

    Darko Milicic Bowman Rookie

    LeBron James Bowman Rookie(!)

    Mickael Pietrus Bowman Chrome Rookie

    Tommy Smith Bowman Chrome Rookie

    Carmelo Anthony Bowman Chrome Rookie(!)

    Not too bad for only $20 + tax.

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    Badiane was drafted by the rockets in the second round. They didn't sign him to a contract yet - he's one of those international player projects like Ginobili was a couple years ago.

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    Very nice pulls!
    In baseball I'm collecting PSA 3.5 and above T206's, ungraded tobacco era cards, 1930's Goudey, and pre 1950 Bowman
    In boxing, i'm collecting PSA 5 and above 1948 Leaf
    In MMA, I am looking for 2010 Leaf Autographs

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    you did veeeeeeerrrrrrrrryyyyyy well for 5 packs
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