When these first came out, they basically revoulutionized the hobby back in 1998, and I am still fasinated by the designs of these things. Please let me know if you have any from the years they were produced (1998-2000) of the following players, I am sure we can work out some sort of a deal on this, thanks.

Mike Lowell
Ivan Rodriguez
A.J. Burnett
Mike Piazza
Tom Glavine
Chipper Jones
Andruw Jones
Greg Maddux
Gary Sheffield
Jim Thome
Derek Jeter
Jason Giambi
Roger Clemens
Wade Boggs
Rickey Henderson
Fred McGriff
Vlad Guerrero
Cal Ripken
Rafael Palmiero
Pedro Martinez
Nomar Garciaparra
Alex Rodriguez
Curt Schilling
Randy Johnson
Manny Ramirez
Carlos Delgado
Veron Wells
Sammy Sosa
Jeff Bagwell
Mark McGwire
Ken Griffey Jr.
Paul Molitor
Barry Bonds
Mark Mulder
Shawn Green
Juan Gonzalez
Roberto Alomar
Larry Walker
Todd Helton
and any other current or future HOFer's, lmk thanks