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Thread: 04 Donruss Pulls

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    04 Donruss Pulls

    I cheated and got a christmas gift early from my wife....6 packs of 04 Donruss. She is my lucky charm!

    Timber and Threads Bat Nomar
    Career Statline Edgar Gonzalez D'backs 001/491
    Season Statline Griffey Checklist 30/69
    Power Alley Thome 1679/2500
    Base Sp's of Laforest, Kuo, Baldelli

    Also I bought packs earlier and got:
    Season Statline Clemens Dk 11/190
    Power Alley Die-Cut Nomar 14/250
    Inside View Jeter 32/1250

    Anyways I will listen to trade offers or look at lists but I focus on Pirates stuff! Check my site too!


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    Could ue the Gonzalez. I have a few Pirates inserts/parallels, including some retired player [I forget who], Duaner Sanchez, Kris Benson, and a few others.. Any inetrest in those?

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    Go ahead and list what ya have when you get a shot. I have interest


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    I saw your sig and noticed that you are looking for certified autos of brother Dtrain has a Kip Wells auto he is trying to move...give him a pm..

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    Yes, I do have a Kip Wells Auto....check my site for a decription of it.

    I am interested in this:

    02 Playoff Absolute Ink Richie Sexson Auto (bv20)

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    piratesfan my wife is doing the same thing with my box of 04' donruss and last night i pulled a roberto clemente jersey kings studio series #25/25.
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    Nice pull jsmeltz!

    Dtrain- I don't need that Wells, already have it!

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