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Thread: Terrell Suggs 24/25 FT

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    Terrell Suggs 24/25 FT

    2003 Topps Draft Picks and Prospects Terrell Suggs Collegiate Cuts Foil Patch #ed 24/25

    Looking for Packers, Bears, game used, autos, or rookies

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    do not have what you are looking for

    thank for the quick reply

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    sorry mvpbowler but a trade has already occured between footballcardkid and i

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    hey footballcardkid im waiting for my cards or the cards i traded you cuz i sent christmas eve the same day with grossmanfan and he got my cards so you can either send me my cards or send me back the cards i traded you

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    I sent you a PM regarding cards I should have had last week. PLMK thanks

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    shadi 12-it seems like were getting ripped off here
    i sent him an $80 card Serial Numbered/11 and a few brett favres total bv over $100

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