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Thread: Dirk Nowitzki??????

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    Arrow Dirk Nowitzki??????

    Im gonna start collecting Nowitzki cards, hopefully to obtain every one eventually

    Leave me a list of what you have....

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    What do you need?

    Also do you have scans?

    Just weary of the conditions you know.


    Also current BV's would be appreciated.


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    no scanner sorry

    do not have current beckett

    i dont collect or trade damaged cards

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    What football?.......I can give you a quantity of the players your looking for but only low end inserts and base cards???? would that be ok? because I know the dirk cards arent booking high at all............let me know


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    1998-99 Topps Chrome 154 Dirk Nowitzki $15.00
    1998-99 Upper Deck 320 Dirk Nowitzki $15.00

    would want at least two $15 cards

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    whoops! mistake post
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    Interested in a Warrick Dunn 1995 Select Certified graded PSA 10 GEM MINT??????.....j/w ill look through other stuff as well

    Only football your intersted in?

    And you wont accept lower end inserts/base cards of the players listed on your want list?


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    98-99 ud encore dirk nowitzki fx /125 ??
    98-99 e-x dirk nowitzki ??
    98-99 finest dirk nowitzki ??
    98-99 flair showcase dirk nowitzki row 3 ??
    don't know where you saw those??

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    sorry, it was someone else who has those, you replied to the thread so i thought in my mind when i was trying to remember....and i guessed it was you.....sorry for that

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