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Thread: Please read, IMPORTANT!......

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    Please read, IMPORTANT!......

    I am shopping this list of GU and Auto's in order to know what I would get in return in another deal. Please review this list, and pick out any two GU or Auto's you like under $25. After you do that, please make a good BASEBALL only offer of HOF (current of future) players. What will happen is, you and me will complete a deal, but put it on hold until I complete a deal with another member to aquire these cards. After I do that, I will thenmake our trade, completeing the transaction (a 3 way trade sort of speak). Please review the list below and let me know, thanks.

    P.s. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, I know this is a bit complicated.

    1999-00 Wally Szczerbiak UD Rookie JERSEY
    2000-01 Jason Kidd UD SP Game Floor GU-FLOOR (All-Star LOGO)
    2001-02 Vince Carter Fleer Maximum GU-WARM-UP
    2001-02 Grant Hill/Hunter UD Inspirations Rookie JERSEY #1286/1500
    2001-02 Reggie Miller, Jermaine O'Neal, Bender Honor Roll Fab FLOOR Triples
    2001-02 Wally Szczerbiak UD Sweet Shot Sweet Swatches #47/100
    2001-02 John Stockton UD Winning Materials JERSEY/SHORTS COMBO
    2002-03 Elton Brand Hoops Hot Materials GU WARM UP
    2002-03 Kenyon Martin Flair COURT KINGS JERSEY (2)
    2002-03 Darius Miles Flair COURT KINGS JERSEY
    2002-03 Steve Francis Flair COURT KINGS JERSEY
    2002-03 Steve Francis Topps Pristine Uncirculated WARM-UP #12/25
    2002-03 Steve Francis Chrome Final Destination GU-PANTS
    2002-03 Jason Richardson Chrome Franchise Fabrics GU-SHORTS
    2002-03 Wally Szczerbiak Topps Chrome FD GU-WARM-UP
    2002-03 Wally Szczerbiak Upper Deck Game JERSEY
    2003-04 Dajuan Wagner Sweet Shot Game-Jersey

    1996-97 Marcus Camby Skybox EMERALD Rookie Autographics
    1996-97 Tyrone Hill Skybox Autographics
    1997-98 Tyrone Hill Skybox Autographics
    1997-98 Malik Rose Skybox Autographics
    1997-98 Ron Mercer Rookie Skybox Autographics regular RC card w/SKYBOX stamp
    1998-99 Dale Davis Skybox Autographics
    1998-99 Felipe Lopez Skybox Autographics
    1998-99 Rod Strickland Skybox Autographics
    1999-00 Dana Barros Skybox Autographics
    1999-00 Travis Best Skybox Autographics
    1999-00 PJ Brown Skybox Autographics
    1999-00 Dell Curry Skybox Autographics
    1999-00 Bryce Drew Skybox Autographics
    1999-00 Greg Foster Skybox Autographics (4)
    1999-00 Dean Garrett Skybox Autographics
    1999-00 Anthony Johnson Skybox Autographics (2)
    1999-00 Sam Mitchell Skybox Autographics (6)
    1999-00 Brent Price Skybox Autographics (3)
    1999-00 Theo Ratliff Skybox Autographics
    1999-00 JR Reid Skybox Autographics (3)

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    2001-02 Vince Carter Fleer Maximum GU-WARM-UP i've got a lot of baseball inserts and one auto plmk if you want a list thanks

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    I am really only looking for Baseball GU and Auto's, I am gibing up pretty nice refractor's for these, and prefer not to deal GU for none GU, lmk what Baseball GU and Auto's you have an lmk, thanks

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    here it is 00 Fleer freshink Rondell White (baseball) bv 12

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    yea, im sorry, but I couldn't take that in this deal anyway. Only thing I could suggest to you is to shop te White in baseball and see what B-Ball Auto's you can get for it, sorry

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