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    Would like to trade for these cards:

    Randy Johnson Checklist

    Figures & SLU's
    95Starting Lineup Stadium Stars nno
    97Starting Lineup nno
    98Starting Lineup Pro-Action nno
    99Starting Lineup nno
    01Starting Lineup 2 nno
    97Corinthian Headliners nno
    95Micro Stars nno
    Minor League
    86ProCards West Palm Beach Expos 21
    88CMC AAA Allstars 13
    MLB (rookie-1995)
    ??BBall Records Registry Book Promo Postcard 4x6 nno
    ??Highland Mint Bronze Coin nno
    ??Highland Mint Silver Coin nno
    ??Highland Mint Gold Coin nno
    89Broder Rookies 7
    89Classic Light Blue 95
    89Donruss Rated Rookie Error 2* On Back 42
    89Donruss Baseball's Best 80
    89Donruss Rookies 43
    89Expos Postcards nno
    89Fleer Glossy 381
    89Fleer Update U59
    89Score Young Superstars II 32
    89Score Rising Stars 63
    89Sportflics Tri-Card 224
    89St.Vincent MLB Rookie Series Single Stamp nno
    89St.Vincent MLB Rookie Series California Earthquake Relief Stamp Set(9)
    89St.Vincent MLB Rookie Series Official First Day Cover Envelope w/ RJ Stamp
    89St.Vincent MLB Rookie Series Official First Day Cover 8x10 Envelope w/ all 9 stamps & WS logo
    89Topps Tiffany 647
    89Topps Traded Tiffany 57T
    89Topps Big Baseball 287
    90Bowman Tiffany 468
    90Classic Yellow T22
    90Donruss Aqueous Test 379
    90Fleer Canadian 518
    90Hottest 50 Rookies Stickers 4x6 nno
    90OPeeChee Brown Paper 431
    90OPeeChee White Paper 431
    90Red Foley Stickers 53
    90Sportflics 64
    90Topps Tiffany 431
    90Topps Stickers w/Andre Dawson 230/#14
    90US Playing Cards Silver Edge 3spades
    91Donruss Different Border (From Fact.Set) 134
    91Fleer Wax Box Cards (blank back) 2
    91Panini French Stickers 353
    91Red Foley Stickers 53
    91Seattle Mariners Postcard nno
    91Seven Eleven Coins NW9
    91Topps Micro 225
    91Topps Tiffany 225
    91Topps Desert Shield 225
    92Confex/Baseball Enquirer 30
    92Donruss Diamond Kings DK22
    92Donruss Super Diamond Kings 5x7 DK22
    92Mother's Cookies 13
    92OPeeChee 525
    92Panini Stickers Guessing Game Canadian w/R.Mil#64 29
    92Red Foley Stickers 53
    92Sunflower Seeds-Jumbo 15
    92Topps Gold 525
    92Topps Micro 525
    92Topps Kids 126
    92UpperDeck Gold Hologram (Factory Set) 164
    92UpperDeck Team MVP Holograms 27
    93Cadaco Discs 35
    93DairyQueen Mariners Card 1
    93DairyQueen Mariners Pin nno
    93DairyQueen Mariners Card Stadium Giveaway w/EM,KG,Bosio nno
    93DairyQueen Mariners Pin Stadium Giveaway w/EM,KG,Bosio nno
    93Finest Refractors 154
    93OPeeChee 140
    93Sportscards Magazine ('68 Topps) SC95
    93SportsIllustrated For Kids 2 (92-97) 199
    93StadiumClub First Day Production 501
    93StadiumClub Members Only Parallel 501
    93StadiumClub Mariners 16
    93Topps Gold 460
    93Topps Micro 460
    93Topps Inaugural Marlins 460
    93Topps Inaugural Rockies 460
    93Topps Commanders Of The Hill 16
    93UpperDeck Gold Hologram 336,824
    93UpperDeck Folder w/RJ, Gant... nno
    93UpperDeck Fun Pak 115
    94Bowman 285
    94Bowman Topps Super Star Samplers
    94Collector's Choice 357
    94Collector's Choice Silver Signature 357
    94Collector's Choice Gold Signature 307,357
    94Donruss Special Edition 72
    94Finest 213
    94Finest Refractors 213
    94Finest Jumbo 4x6 213
    94Finest Super Star Samplers
    94Flair 337
    94Fleer Extra Bases 168
    94Extra Bases Pitcher's Duel w/B.Mac. 2
    94OPeeChee 81
    94Pacific 574
    94Pacific Silver Prisms Circular 7
    94Pinnacle 278
    94Pinnacle Museum 278
    94Pinnacle Artist's Proof 278
    94-95ProMags nno
    94Score 33
    94Score Gold Rush 33
    94Score Gold Stars 43
    94Seattle Mariners Schedule Postcard 4x6 nno
    94Select Skills SK1
    94SP 106
    94StadiumClub 438
    94StadiumClub Rainbow 438
    94StadiumClub First Day Issue 438
    94StadiumClub Members Only Parallel 438
    94StadiumClub Dug Out Dirt DD11
    94StadClub Dug Out Dirt Members Only DD11
    94StadiumClub Topps Super Star Samplers
    94Taco Time PostCard w/KG,JB,EM 4x6 nno
    94Topps Black Gold Winner A (1-11) nno
    94Topps Black Gold Winner AB (1-22) nno
    94Topps Black Gold Winner ABCD (1-44) nno
    94T Black Gold Winner Certified A (1-11) nno
    94T Black Gold Winner Certified AB (1-22) nno
    94TBlack Gold Winner Cert. ABCD (1-44) nno
    94Ultra 419
    94UpperDeck Electric Diamond 31,330
    94UpperDeck Allstar Jumbos 4x6 20
    94UpperDeck Allstar Jumbos Gold 4x6 20
    94UpperDeck Fun Pak 51, 175
    95Bazooka 54
    95Bowman 395
    95Bowman's Best 1
    95Bowman's Best Refractors 1
    95Bowman's Best Mirror Image X14
    95Bowman's Best Mirror Image Refractors X14
    95Classic Phone Cards ($10) nno
    95Collector's Choice 74
    95Collector's Choice Silver Signature 74
    95Collector's Choice Gold Signature 74
    95Collector's Choice SE 123,143,250
    95CC SE Silver Signature 123,143,250
    95CC SE Gold Signature 123,143,250
    95Donruss 18
    95Donruss Press Proof 18
    95Donruss Top Of The Order Rare nno
    95Emotion 78
    95Finest 76
    95Finest Refractors 76
    95Finest Flame Throwers FT5
    95Flair 82
    95Fleer 271
    95Fleer League Leaders 5
    95Fleer Team Leaders w/KG 12
    95Leaf 244
    95Leaf Limited 40
    95National Packtime2-Pacific 3
    95Pacific 399
    95Pacific Mariner Memories 4,5,14,34
    95Pacific Prism 127
    95Pinnacle 330
    95Pinnacle Artist's Proof 330
    95Red Foley Green w/J.Buhner nno
    95Score 222
    95Score Gold Rush Redeemed Stamp 222
    95Score Platinum Teamcard 222
    95Select 135
    95Select Artist's Proof 135
    95Select Certified 61
    95Select Certified Mirror Gold 61
    95SP 189
    95SP Silver 189
    95SP Special FX 19
    95SP Championship 186
    95SP Championship Die-Cut 186
    95Sportflix Artist's Proof 29
    95StadiumClub 340
    95StadiumClub Members Only Parallel 340
    95StadiumClub Division Series 340
    95StadiumClub World Series 340
    95StadiumClub Virtual Reality 179
    95StaClub Virtual Reality Members Only 179
    95StadiumClub Super Skills SS20
    95StadClub Super Skills Members Only SS20
    95Studio 48
    95Studio Gold 48
    95Summit 97,193
    95Summit Nth Degree 97,193
    95Topps 203
    95Topps Cyberstats 203
    95Topps League Leader LL46
    95Topps Traded Allstar W/Nomo(RC) 164T
    95Topps MB 69
    95Topps MB Golden Idols 69
    95UC3 64,130
    95UC3 Artist's Proof 64,130
    95Ultra 103
    95Ultra Gold Medallion 103
    95Ultra League Leader Gold Medallion 4
    95Ultra Strikeout King 3
    95Ultra Strikeout King Gold Medallion 3
    95UpperDeck 112
    95UpperDeck Electric Diamond 102,112
    95UpperDeck Elec. Diamond Gold 102,112
    95UpperDeck Special Edition 118
    95UpperDeck Special Edition Gold 118
    95US Playing Cards Aces 3Spades
    95Zenith 83
    95Zenith Allstar Salute 9

  2. Kronozio
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    I have these Johnson's :

    94Bowman 285
    94Collector's Choice 357
    94Collector's Choice Silver Signature 357
    94Pacific 574
    94Score 33
    94StadiumClub 438
    94StadiumClub First Day Issue 438
    94StadiumClub Dug Out Dirt DD11
    95Bowman's Best Mirror Image X14
    95 CC SE 123, 250
    95CC SE Silver Signature 250
    95Donruss 18
    95Pinnacle 330
    95SP 189
    95StadiumClub 340
    95Summit 193
    95UC3 64, 130
    95Ultra Strikeout King 3
    95UpperDeck 112
    95Zenith 83
    95Zenith Allstar Salute 9

    wantlist is below. LMK thanks, Roger

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    As big as your wantlist is, I have nothing. Would be willing to trade a Griffey RC for the lot. LMK

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    Besides the 94 Griffey Finest Refractor I have the following Johnson cards:

    94 Flair #337
    94 Pinnacle #278
    94 SP #106
    94 Stadium Club #438
    95 Collectors Choice SE #123
    95 Collectors Choice SE #143
    95 Collectors Choice SE #250
    95 Fleer #271
    95 Pinnacle #330
    95 Select #135
    95 Select Certified #61
    95 SP #189
    95 Summit #97
    95 Ultra Gold Medallion #103
    95 Upper Deck #112
    95 Upper Deck Electric Diamond #102

    I would prefer to trade all of these for 1 card. I am open as to who. Please make an offer.
    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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    I have someone else interested in the 94 TSC First Day Issue. So I'd like to trade it for something from my wantlist. According to the on-line beckett all the other Johnson's book a total of $20.15. Do you have any serial #d cards? I'd trade for $10 worth of serial #d cards I don't have. Doesn't matter who or what team. If not, LMK and we'll try and work something else out. thanks, Roger

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    could someone explain what the error is on the 89 Donruss Rated ookie RJ card, I have about 20 of them and I want to chek them all, Thanks
    Looking for 2009 Score Retro RC's, also Topps & Bowman Chrome Football RC's

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    Randy Johnson Cards

    Let me know which players you prefer. I have a Delgado jersey #76/93, a Vlad jersey #61/75, a quad bat (with frank thomas juan gone, delgado and thome) or some graded griffey rcs.

    found a bobby abreu fleer focus jersey edition #122/153. not really much else. do you collect football too?

    I have no idea what the error is, I found this list on someone's site

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    I could use the abreu($5). I don't collect football. Would you trade the Abreu and a cheap GU for the Johnson's? LMK thanks, Roger

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    don't really have any cheap game used. any stars we could do? I would trade bv in your favor.

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    What about just any $5-8 newer insert? 01-04 I'm a Cardinal fan, but if no Cardinals it doesn't matter who? If you just want to list some and I'll just choose one.

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