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Thread: NBA Draft Lottery

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    NBA Draft Lottery

    We're 10 minutes away from the lottery. What team gets the 1st pick?
    I'm going with New York or Cleveland.

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    I am praying for a miracle, and say Lakers get the #1 pick, then trade it to Cleveland for a bunch of picks down the line, some players, and cash.

    But, in reality, New York, like in 1985, will get the #1 pick.

    NBA needs to get Lebron into high-power market --- Chicago, New York. L.A. isn't probable, since everyone will then know it's fixed for sure.

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    I'm going to go with the Cavs. They NEED TO GET PEOPLE TO BUY TICKETS and James will do it.
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    the cav's would be good even though they are not in a big market, their games come on at a decent time for all

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    The only teams left are Cleveland,Denver and Memphis. If Memphis gets the 2nd or 3rd pick it goes to Detroit.

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    #3 = Nuggets

    #2 = Memphis (but, this pick will go to Detroit, via a prior deal)

    #1 = Cleveland!!!!

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    Cleveland got it!!! That means the 2nd pick goes to Detroit. WOW, Carmelo playing with Rip and Big Ben!! Watch out!!!

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    I am just glad that NY and Chicago didn't get it.

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    Chicago would have been tough with James,Curry and possibly KG!! I'm glad, too.

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    lebron james baby and a 90 million shoe deal

    and the might get van gundy with the bad plug

    detroit gets the #2 pick now if detroit picks mello come those guys might have a run at the championship for years to come. can you see ben wallace, billups and mello together.

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