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Thread: Basketball Lot For Trade!

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    Basketball Lot For Trade!

    Looking for Football in return...

    2000-01 Fleer Authority #30 Vince Carter
    2000-01 Fleer Authority #87 Kobe Bryant
    2000-01 Stadium Club Capture the Action #CA1 Shaquille O'Neal
    2003-04 E-X Behind the Numbers Game-Used #12 Andrei Kirilenko {Jersey}
    2003-04 E-X Behind the Numbers Game-Used #25 Yao Ming {Jersey}
    2003-04 Fleer Authentix Balcony #9 Ben Wallace/250
    2003-04 Fleer Showcase Basketball's Best #10 Yao Ming
    2003-04 Fleer Showcase Sweet Stitch #1 Yao Ming
    2003-04 Topps #11 Yao Ming
    2003-04 Ultra #1 Yao Ming
    2003-04 Ultra Roundball Discs #4 Yao Ming
    2003-04 Upper Deck Victory #34 Yao Ming

    I'd like to trade as a lot total book value is $70 even, PLMK & Thanks!

    PS: I'd like to trade for the players in my signature, but if not I'd consider other Football cards... since I wanna' get rid of these badly!

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    i've got two gued of football the rest is my brothers would you like a list plmk thanks

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    I am interested in this one
    2003-04 E-X Behind the Numbers Game-Used #25 Yao Ming {Jersey}

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    ICED CARDS: Only card I had interest in was the Palmer/Dorsey.

    stalking_WOLF_21: Sure get me a list, Thanks!

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    MountyFan1986-what players would you consider tradeing the ming for

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    Ladies & Gents,

    I am looking to trade as a lot, the only way I'd break it up is for cards of the players in my signature.

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    02/03 upper deck xl super swatch kevin johnson #/400 (football)
    02/03 fleer authentix kevin johnson gued (football) plmk sorry about the delail

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    very few of the basketball traders actually read the "want" sections of posts...ive run into the same problem


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