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Thread: Lotsa new stuff

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    Lotsa new stuff

    ive been away, but ive still got a bunch of new things

    for autos and jerseys, check my site theres a lot

    aside from that, the notable stuff is some Carmelo anthony inserts from top prospects...anyways, let me know

    and let me extend a warm welcome to any members who joined while i was absent!


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    Carter, Vince 02-03 Showcase Basketballs Best Jersey AU /400 -$80
    Carter, Vince 03-04 Ultra Auto Redemption SP/350 -$60

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    i m interested n this
    Williams, Jay 03-04 UD Hardcourt Clear Commemeratives -$15

    GU Jersey's 4 trade

    William Avery 99-00 Flair Feel The Game
    Mark Jackson 00-01 Topps Gold Label #TT16
    Alan Henderson 00-01 Stadium Club Game Worn Jersey #SC-AH4 (small crease by jersey)
    Terrell Brandon 01-02 SPx Winning Materials #TB (small crease between jersey)
    steve nash 03-04 ud sweet shot game Jersey
    wally szczerbiak 03-04 ud sweet shot sweet swatch
    mike dunleavy jr 03-04 bowmans sophomore strands
    corey maggette 03-04 mvp materials warm-up
    shareef abdur-rahim 03-04 mvp materials shirt
    paul pierce/antoine walker 03-04 ud all star weekend authentics dual

    Auto's 4 trade

    99-00 skybox autographics greg foster
    99-00 skybox autographics dean garrett
    99-00 skybox autographics anthony johnson
    99-00 skybox autographics sam mitchell
    99-00 skybox autographics brent price

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    nuttynelly- id probably need a KG for the carter, sorry

    bulls4us- cant use any of those sigs right now, let me know if you pick up some more


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