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Thread: Beautifull Christmas!

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    Beautifull Christmas!

    Well here we go!

    I got 7 nice cards from Topps retired

    6 Nice cards from Greats of the Game

    A box of 2003 Bowman

    I got a ball signed by Fergie Jenkings

    My parents hid my mail the one day my Brooks Robinson ball came so I unrapped that

    And my brother in law gave me a ball his dad won playing golf it was signed by Mark McGwire... unfourtnaly his dad died a few years later so this ball was very speacal to him so it means a lot to me...

    In my box of bowman(Great Box)

    On the top of all my normal packs when I opend it up was a pack that said Bowman uncirculated...

    I opend it up and there was one parell gold rookie of Kevin Walter... and in there was also a redemption for another parell rookie and the rookie after looking it up on the internet was CARSON PALMER

    The packs were awesome in about 1/2 the packs 1/2 of the cards were common and the other half were rookies, but in the other 1/2 of the box the whole pack was full of rookies...

    Then I got to my relic card which was a Justin Vargas Pingskin game used card 16/25

    I finally got to my long awaited autograph and it was of


    beautifull autograph...

    Also I am having a little trouble putting up scans after editing? I dunno mabye it's just my "computer smarts."

  2. SCC Black Friday 2017
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    wow, nice!!

    Also, if you have difficulties putting scans on here, send


    a PM -- he's great with computers

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    If i remember correctly the palmer card is going for extremely good dollar(( over 20 but below 75)) I just browse through cards on ebay and i thought ive seen it with a fair amount of bids

    Very nice pulls and glad to see you get some great cards from ur boxes.. I figure its best off to just go on ebay and bid on a card you want((right now im bidding on a pretty rare Chris Chambers auto)) instead of trying the luck with boxes..

    Congrats again, well done


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