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    hey everyone im doing this again.. .as last time barely ne one sent SASE... name your team/player/set... and ill give it to u FREE wit SASE.. inserst are 5-10 X Bv = amt of cc owed... its a great deal... lmk


    PS> i wont be home till next monday... but u can send SASE nwo and when i get back ill have your SASE all ready and just put the cards of your fav player/team/set and there yours

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    no one wants them because they're not free....

    and everyone including me hates when people advertise free cards when they arent....

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    well.. they are free lol.. except for postage... believe me if postage was 25 cents i would be sending cards WITH FREE SHIpping... ill do 35 cc per 10 cards then ... wit FREE SHIPPING lol

    how bout that one :)

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    i see in your sig you want box toppers i have this one for trade

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    bears fan... i want unopened lol... tahnx for looking... prophet... when i get home ill check... bynes fan... i got a 2002 bowman Peppers rc

    thanx JAred

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