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    03/04 fleer authentix hobby pulles

    what i got
    ticket for four
    sprewell/curry/wagner/ming all jerseys #/100
    paul gasol authentix jersey
    k-mart authentix jersey
    chris kaman rc #/1250
    zoran planic rc#/1250
    luke ridnour rc #/250 please help on the bv on the ridnour cool and some ticket stubs shaq/bosh/wade etc

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    nice pull on the ticket for four! i dont think those book yet
    who was your box topper thingy?

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    i thought the TFFs didnt book yet, my bad...nonetheless, no matter how low they are, theyre extremely nice

    in hobby boxes you are supposed to get a jumbo "box loader". Theyre those giant cards in the giant foil packs...did you not get one?

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    sprewell/curry/wagner/ming all jerseys #/100

    i need that
    check my site:


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    sprewell/curry/wagner/ming all jerseys #/100
    tell me what u need..thx

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    alright it's bv 50 i updated my site it says htg
    wagner didn't see any thing sorry
    tatotop i need kg tayshaun prince brendan haywood but i'm open to all offers

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    no bdrr i didn't but i kinda just threw the base everywhere so i didn't check for balconys i found to gordon gircek and brad miller them i found a eddy curry #/100 and four ticket studs of shaq/bosh/wade/peirce what a day the first hobby box i ever pulled was cool
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    tatotop i like this
    02/03 HPP hot material Jersey Tayshaun Prince but not for the quad gued you wanted
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