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Thread: New Trade Manager Tutorial

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    New Trade Manager Tutorial

    The newest version of the trade manager now work with or without the SCF inventory. In other word you do not need to use the inventory to use the trade manager but if you do, there is a new feature that if you are using the inventory can help you greatly.

    The SCF trade manager is where all transactions between members occur and where you can track trade/sales and leave feeback. So it;s the backbone of all transaction done on this site.When you want to create a trade you can do it in two ways.

    1- The classic way is either you click on the trade manager button on top link row. Trade Manager and click on Post a new trade on the top left of the page. This will lead you to the trade creation page. Some other ways and may be often practical is when on the forums if you want to trade with a member that posted in a thread you are reading, you can click on the member name and it will bring a sub menu.

    Now if you took the step direclty using the trade manager button and then post a new trade, you need to enter the member forum nick name. If you select it from a forum postbit of the member you want to trade with, the member name will be already there. Also the trade type is already selected to create a new trade in the trade manager so just go ahead and click on the "Next Step" button

    Once on the Step 2 page, you will need to list the cards you send or money you will pay and same for the other trader. Make sure you put infromation such as if the person is suppose to pay via paypal 25$, make sure to mention the currency and payment type like this.

    Paypal $25.00 USD.

    This way the other member, if they agree, they also agree to these specific term as well. It's always good to mention if certain card have condition issue or any other term that you both agreed. Remember that the trade manager is a contract between both parties and writting the condition in them protect you.

    Then make sure you wrote all that needed to be written as once you click on "Create the trade", the trade will be ready for the other member to agree to it and you side is confirmed and final.

    Once you created the trade you will come on the trade page that consist of two sections. On the left it will list the trade active in the last 45 days. Note the you can show older trades by using the conbobox on the top to change the "Show last 45 days". You can select 60 or 90 days. If you want to find trade older then this, please select the advance trade manager search that can look at all trades and offer various option to refine the search.

    Also all section listing the trade, you can click on the icon to colapse open and close, any section you do not want to see. Then on the right is the actual selected trade. A trade showing on the right, will also show in red on the left column to highlight the fact this is the trade selected.

    The two first row contain important information. The trade creator is the member that created the trade and trade with is the other party that we will refer to later on that page as the trader.

    Also other the the member's name, you have the member positive feedback and percentage of positive feedback (194 100%). You also know we have two type of Must send first member (MSF). One is the new member and the other is permanant MSF. The trade manager application will determine for you at the time of the trade creation who need to send first or if both will send at the same time. If a memeber must send first you will see a image that state so with text under the member name:


    Also on the next row after both trader's name you have the sending condition:

    Sending condition: testing must send first including any money transaction.

    This tell who need to send first or send at the same time. When required to send first this also mean if you are selling that you need to send the cards and the other trader only pay when he receive the cards.

    The next four row are the date the trade was created, the date it was confirmed by the other trader, the last activity and the trade status.

    Trade Created: 07-30-2012
    Trade Confirmed: 07-30-2012
    Last Action: 08-05-2012
    Trade Status: Canceled Trades

    Then you have the feedback status. Once the trade will be set as completed, you will have a link for you to leave a feedback and a link to the other member feedback left, if he did so. Then it's where each one can enter the date ship and if you have a tracking ID the place to enter it and view if the other did enter one.

    Feedback Status: N/A since the trade must be completed to allow feedback.
    Awaiting CoolHandLuke feedback

    Awaiting testing feedback
    Creator's Shipping Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 08-03-2012
    Trader's Shipping Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 07-30-2012
    Creator's Delivery Confirmation Number: None Entered
    Trader's Delivery Confirmation Number: None Entered

    The you will see both trader's address to ship the cards, followed by the list of cards/payment option on each trader.

    1.00 SCF Card Cash
    Item not for sale but for testing only (id: 9829)

    Now to accept a trade, set it as completed, cancel it or set the trade in dispute, all this can be done using the action combobox at the top of the trade where it say trade action: Select a Action.

    Depending of the trade status, various action can be presented.

    Print Transaction: show a page with no header and printer friendly to print this one trade for your record.
    Confirmed trade: Will show if you need to confirm a trade.
    Reject trade: will show if the trade is not confirmed by both side. Both trader can reject the trade and create a new one if a error or missing infomation are not in the trade send section or if a person decide to turn back on their decision. Once a trade is confirmed by both side, only a dispute staff can cancel it and only if both side agree. Remember that when both side agreed, this become a contract signed by both parties.
    Set trade as completed: Select this if you receive a payment and no cards need to be mailed to you or when the cards arrive. This is a confirmation only that you receive your end. You can always place a tade in dispute after confirming it. to maybe dispute a missing card or damaged card.
    Put trade in dispute: Select this if you did not receive a payment or your cards, or some cards are missing or damage. You can also select this if both parties want to cancel a trade. Then a PM will be sent to you with a link to the dispute thread. Make sure you go there and create a post to explain why you want to dispute the trade. This will speed up the process.
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    Very nice features. It will take alot of work inputing everyone's cards into the inventory. I have been adding a few every day, eventually, I'd like to have all of my higher end cards in the inventory. My suggestion to everyone would be start with you higher end cards you have for trade, then work your way down.

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    Enter in a few cards every day. It only takes a few minutes to enter cards into your inventory.
    Need , newer Lions /newer Red Wings Anthony Mantha/ Flickr account: Hidden Content

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    this may pan out in the end but what a pain this is now. i have three potential trades but can't do them because none of the cards are in an inventory sheet. so each time we do a trade we have to take the time to add them into an inventory. way too much time involved. i don't like it. i hope we don't see a decline in listed trades because of this. there may be unlisted trades done because of the time it takes. i like just being able to hit my trade partner, type the cards and boom mail em away. now i have to add into and inventory, be sure they do the same and then do the trade. pain in the $#@.


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    I haven't used the inventory system with the trade manager yet, so i have a few questions

    1- can you do quick add for the other person's inventory if they have not added the cards yet?
    2- you can only use the inventory system in trade manager if both of you have your cards listed right? meaning you can't just move your cards to their inventory and then enter their part of the trade freehand if they don't have their cards in inventory?
    3- if you use the old trade manager, is there a way we can mark our cards as traded without deleting them, or move them to someone's inventory without using the trade manager? i just ask because perhaps sometimes some of my cards i am trading might be in my inventory and some not, so i'd have to use the old one i think. but i'd still like to somehow move them to another person's inventory in that situation.

    sorry for all the questions, just trying to learn :)

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    Just joined here, and I'd love to expand my colelction. Because I am a high school student I haven't been able to break high-end stuff, so I'd love the chance to trade for some of these cards. I was just wondering exactly how the trade manager works. Once you submit it and the other user accepts it, are you told what address to ship it to? And how do I know the person trading with me won't just take my card and never ship his? Thanks!

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    Once you submit it and the other user accepts it, are you told what address to ship it to? And how do I know the person trading with me won't just take my card and never ship his? Thanks!
    The key is to make deals with members that have a lot of feedback. Use the trade manager and if anything happens our staff will work on helping you out should a dispute arise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikesilvia View Post
    The key is to make deals with members that have a lot of feedback. Use the trade manager and if anything happens our staff will work on helping you out should a dispute arise.
    OK thanks. I was planning on trading with high feedback people only, just to be safe.

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    how do u send a comment for my first trade i just set this up today thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by baseballfan35 View Post
    how do u send a comment for my first trade i just set this up today thanks
    What do you mean by comment? Like do you need to contact the other person? If so send them a PM.

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