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    Strange 03 Classic Portraits box

    Well, for X-Mas I recieved a 2003 Classic Portaits box. I got some good numbered cards and the Nolan Ryan bust. When I got to the middle of the box I noticed a pack that was about half the size of all the others. I opened it and there were only 2 base cards in it. Anyway I got no GU or Autos in the whole box when on average I should have gotten 1... Have you ever heard of this kind of ?production error? and do you think I could get some kind of comphensation from Upper Deck? Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Give customer service an email....

    i had a problem with the 04 upper deck hockey where i got 2 boxes and 1 jersey card when i was supposed to get 4...

    they are sending me some compensation right now...

    but dont expect the email back right away....

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    Update: it's been for days still no response from Upper Deck via email...

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