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Thread: Looking for Insert Collectors

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    Looking for Insert Collectors

    Have thousands of inserts listed by player on my web site. Also have some autos and game used. Always interested in insert lots of recent inserts. Check out the site and let me know if you seee anything your interested in. Also if you don't see a player listed I may have a few of his cards , just ask.


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    are you looking for inserts? ive got lots to trade..any in particular?

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    I've got these from your wantlist:

    Flair 02-03 Court Kings 2 (Stackhouse) and 18 (Miles)
    Flair 02-03 New Heights 11 (Jordan)

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    Brunell8 - what do you want in trade for them

    Iced Cards - If your looking for Jordans there are some on my web site as far as the High Def's, I don't think I have any.

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