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Thread: Updated Tradelist

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    Updated Tradelist

    2003 Fleer tradition Update Jeff Bagwell Milestones Jersey (Black Swatch) BV 10
    2003 Fleer Tradition Update Delmon Young RC #295 BV 15
    2003 Fleer Tradition Update Scott Podsednik #154 BV 8
    2003 Fleer Tradition Update Jose Contreras #292 BV 4
    2002 Fleer Platinum Austin Kearns/Ben Broussard RC #275 BV 3
    2002 Bowman Joe Mauer RC #379 BV 8
    2002 Topps Joe Mauer RC #622 BV 5
    2003 Fleer Focus JE MLB Shirtified Roy Oswalt Jersey BV 8 (Red Swatch)
    2003 Flair Diamond Cuts Pat Burrell Jersey BV 5 (Gray Swatch)
    2002 UD Authentics Stars of 89 Randy Johnson Jersey W/Stripe (White Swatch W/ Purple Stripe) BV15
    2003 Fleer Double Header Keystone Combinations Memorabilia Nomar Garciaparra Jersey/Durham SP/175 BV 20 (Minor factory miscut, Grey Swatch)
    2002 Donruss Best of Fan Club Erick Almonte #220 #ed 1330/1350 BV 5
    2001 SP Game Used Edition Erick Almonte #82 #ed 120/500 BV10
    2002 Donruss Best of Fan Club Josh Beckett RC #236 #ed 688/1350 BV 8
    2002 Donruss Best of Fan Club Spotlight Brandon Duckworth #111 #ed 95/100 BV 6
    2002 Fleer Rookie Sensations Josh Beckett #13 #ed 191/1500 BV 5
    2001 Bowman Heritage Chrome Pat Burrell #BHC85 BV 8
    2003 Topps Heritage Chrome Vladimir Guerrero #THC56 #ed 711/1956 BV 10
    1984 Topps Tiffany Cal Ripken #400 BV 15
    2003 Topps Heritage A-Rod/T.Kluszewski Then & Now #TN2 BV 5

    Mainly looking for Brett Myers in return, but will listen to any offers!

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    Want this 2002 UD Authentics Stars of 89 Randy Johnson Jersey W/Stripe Bv 10.00
    , All i have is a 2000 topps gold rookie card of brett myers, who else u looking for, i have a marlon byrd jersey and auto if interested

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    zlw1 - According to, the randy johnson is 15.00, not 10.00. But do you have a list of GU and decent Rc's?

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    yes, my mistake on randyjohnson, i thought he dropped down from a unlisted to a semi not a 1 class star to a unlisted

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    myers39...Would you take the 13 prospects from the 02 Fleer Tradition Update set for your 2003 Fleer Tradition Update Delmon Young RC #295 BV 15? LMK and thanks....Dan

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    Is there anything else you like off my tradelist? I really like this
    2003 Ex Behind The Numbers Patch Jersey Roger Clemens 3 color, (stripe,ny logo piece,white jsy) 43/99 Bv 30.00......lmk if we can work something out

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    Dunndeal - I'll let you know in a few days, I just wanted to see what I could get for it, plus im putting together the set.......would there be anything else your interested in? Even GU.

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    myers39...Not really into GU. LMK if you could as I will put these prospects back. There taking up space on my desk. LMK and thanks.....Dan

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